About Belgrade

Belgrade knows how to party – all year long. Every night is a party night. You just have to choose the location according to your style and music taste. The capital of Serbia offers a variety of options, and even the biggest clubs are full every single night. Unique floating clubs in Belgrade (or splavovi in local language) are a great choice during the summer. One thing we know for sure; the Party Capital of Europe is Belgrade.

Serbia is known for its amazing food and drinks. Party In Belgrade is familiar with most of the restaurants and with this said, we have to tell you the best is to try it yourself.

So when in Belgrade, you shouldn’t miss kafanas, traditional taverns with good music and energy, and even better traditional food and drinks. One of the most famous bohemian boroughs in Europe, Skadarlija is a great start of every adventure.

Party during the night with our Party Package, but explore during the day! Belgrade has a rich history and culture. It is one of the European oldest cities. At the same time, it is close to some of the best-saved nature attractions suitable for those who are seeking this kind of adventure. For some real Adventure, we advise you to check out our Adventure package.

Shorten, Belgrade is the place to be!

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