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About Party In Belgrade

We are Thomas & Tanja and we made
PartyinBelgrade.com in 2017 to organize, guide and
inform visitors of Belgrade & Serbia.

How it all started? Thomas and Tanja are both two experienced travelers with a wide knowledge of marketing, co-operate events and the needs of tourists visting a new location.

Thomas and Tanja were visiting once Prague, a beautiful city on itself but the place they traveled with was full with groups that wanted to visit the city. Not to many groups were visiting Belgrade back then. Now this is a total different story and every weekend we have guests from all over the world.

Party in Belgrade is now a full operating organiztion with experience in bringing more then 200 groups over to Serbia. With this experience we can tell you that we have seen everything. From groups of 20 persons to 250 persons, we can organize this all together with our partners and suppliers.

Over the last years we have been asked to organize co-operate events to incentive trips and from bachelor parties to fully organized trips for groups.

We are currently with a team of 5 people and growing yearly! Will we see you soon in Belgrade?

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