New Year’s Eve in Belgrade

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New Year’s Eve in Belgrade


There are hundreds of parties and club nights in Belgrade on New Year’s Eve, from elegant black-tie affairs to behemoth warehouse raves. Belgrade has a reputation for its nightlife that is only surpassed by the nation’s chaotic reputation. Serbia is a magical country to visit at any time of the year, and New Year’s Eve In Belgrade may be the most entertaining!


Get ready with your shiny, glitzy dresses, and get going to some of the best New year’s eve in the Serbian capital. Dance till you drop and end the year with a crazy celebration. For the lover of quirky things, there are some exciting weekend getaways lined up for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Belgrade.


While Belgrade is famous for its spontaneity and controlled chaos, it pays to be organized when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Tickets will sell out for events fast, and there will be next to no chance to get one on the day itself.

On December 31, it often feels as though all of Belgrade’s one and a half million citizens come out to celebrate the new year.


With that in mind, getting from points A to B will invariably take a little more time than usual. If you plan to move around during the evening, give yourself extra time to deal with both human and vehicle traffic. That’s why we make sure you will have your own driver.



  • Private driver and host for 24/7 (including airport transfer)
  • Restaurant reservation
  • VIP CLUB SERVICE at one of the clubs we choose together with you

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