Belgrade Barbecue Like a local


Are you looking for the right activity for your group? Think of this! Belgrade Barbecue Like a local!?Serbians are known for their great hospitality and via this activity, you will really find out. We often arranged this BBQ for ourselves already but now it has become time you are able to book it as well. Of course, we depend on the weather to make it the best success.

With Belgrade Barbecue Like a local, we organize the best BBQ you can have for you and your friends at the location where only Belgradians come. We include next to the food also beer, wine, and some soft drinks, and make sure you and your friends enjoy the local vibe. Perhaps take a football to play with the locals, but no worries mostly you will be invited.

The vibe is relaxed and if the weather is good you will have a great time! The simplicity of this activity is the key and sometimes simple things make it even better.

Belgrade Barbecue Like a local will include:

  1. 4 pieces of different hi-quality meat/fish per person
  2. Bread and spreads
  3. Vegetables
  4. Beer, Wine, and Softdrinks
  5. Equipment

The minimum amount of persons we can organize this is 4. There is no maximum to organize this activity.



Belgrade Barbecue Like a local