Helicopter Experience (15min)


Helicopter flight with your friends?

The price shown for this flight is with helicopter Robinson R44. The best helicopter flight in Serbia and Belgrade

The maximum number of passengers is 3. Price is the same regardless of the passengers embarked (maximum 3). The total maximum weight of all passengers cannot be more than 255kg (560lbs), the maximum weight per passenger is 120kg (264lbs).

Route: Surroundings of the heliport in Dobanovci

Price Includes:

  • Transport 30 min back and forth to the heliport is (included in the price)
  • Welcome drink
  • Heliport tour 15min
  • Pre-flight safety briefing 15 min
  • Flying helicopter 15 min
  • Basic insurance
  • Parking

Helicopter flight with your friends?

One of our favorite Activities in Belgrade is the Helicopter Tour over Belgrade! The best helicopter flight in Serbia and Belgrade! We do this together with our partner Balkan Helicopter 

What to Expect:

  • View of “Nikola Tesla” Airport and city of Belgrade in the distance
  • Professional pilots and staff
  • Traditional Serbian Hospitality
  • Unique life experience
  • Suitable for marking significant dates: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, celebrations, wedding proposals

This tour offers a new way to surprise a loved person or a friend. It is ideal as a first encounter with helicopters. Out of curiosity or not, it is a perfect surprise and breath-taking experience.

Upon arrival at Dobanovci Heliport, our professional staff will guide you through a tour of the heliport and answer all of your questions. Before the flight, with a welcome drink, he/she will explain safety instructions and rules of conduct in the helicopter.

The surroundings of the heliport in Dobanovci represent an exceptional natural beauty, with river Galovica, fishponds, and local hunting ground being the main attractions. With a little luck, from the air, you will see wild boar, deer, and wild goats. If visibility is good, in the distance you can see Avalamountain, tower of Avala, city of Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airports, Fruška Gora, etc.

At the end of your tour, we will hold a briefing, gather all of the impressions, listen to all your comments, remarks, and suggestions. We want to continuously work on the improvement of our service in order to continue to provide an unforgettable experience to our guests.

*Pre-flight safety briefing is included in flight time and includes instructions of safe boarding of passengers and start-up of the helicopter engine. This briefing takes up to 5mins. The duration of the flight is 13-15 minutes, and the duration of the entire experience is 45mins.