LaFayette Belgrade Cabaret Dinner Show

LaFayette Belgrade Cabaret Dinner Show is a place for real hedonists who will certainly not remain immune to a place like this. It belongs to the type of Cabaret show which is a very rare case in the region. The word cabaret itself comes from France and says that it is a kind of entertainment theater, which is the main context of this place and here you will experience the most beautiful moments with various choreographies that you will especially enjoy.

Lafayette as one of the newer bars in Belgrade with a perfect view of the river in Beton Hall is a real little paradise for your mind, eyes, and palate. The very eccentric look, decorated with the most modern and highest quality lighting makes this club reminiscent of the world’s most popular clubs and really represents a real sensation. Every part of this club has been decorated with special care and designed to take us back to the 30s or 40s of the last century.

Whats included?

  • 3 Course dinner (vegan and special menu’s available)


Drinks are included in the price:

  • BEER
  • WINE
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (Cinzano, Carolans, Jagermeister, Bankes Gin, Brugal Rum, Brandies (quince, plum, William’s), Jack Daniels, Finlandia)
  • DRINK MIX (Aperol, Gin Tonic)


After we get your request we will contact you for the date, time, table setting and give you more information to make this night unforgettable!


LaFayette Belgrade Cabaret Dinner Show!

With inspiration from Dubai, Ibiza and other metropoles, we have this great addition of entertainment now also in available Belgrade. Lets explore this great evening with Party in Belgrade and book today with us!

Since Lafayette was created with the aim of achieving the highest level, the kitchen as one of the main “points” was not left out. The best of the best, the chefs are culinary artists, as well as key performers of the cabaret itself.


The menu is based on French and Asian cuisine, created by our chefs. The dishes are created in a unique way, with an ideal combination of ingredients, they enable the awakening of the sense of taste. The menu contains specialties for everyone’s taste, a large selection of steaks, sushi, cheeses. Meals can be prepared as vegan, gluten free.


Lafayette is a conscious Serbian/English cabaret, the definition of a cabaret are theater-like performances that take place in a club or restaurant while guests enjoy dinner. A unique experience, which allows guests to enjoy the entire dinner in their own unique way! As you experience it, Lafayette was created to apply the definition of art – to evoke emotion in the viewer, to trigger energy, passion, excitement.

Evening filling program:

The program itself during one evening contains more than 30 points, the program is organized by the choreographer, it is the same during one week, it changes on a weekly basis. For this reason, the repertoire of the program itself does not exist, and surprises also contribute to the overall experience of our guests. Every detail in Lafayette is for a reason, with one goal. You must have the best Party in Belgrade!


Interested to book? Bookings for groups are pre-arranged and need to be done via an agency. We are here for you to get the best evening possible! You also have groups trying themselves, but they get declined in the end. The place is popular and they know this. So let us help you to ensure your evening!

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