Lasta is a perfect place for an amazing party experience, with RnB and House Deejays which make every night unique.

To successfully create an atmosphere of sophistication that can attract guests in a party-centric city like Belgrade is no easy feat, but the crew was able to pull it off flawlessly. The energy level here is unmatched. In the middle, there are many bar tables with VIP lounges around and a bar spot near the entrance of the club. It’ a true summer oasis where u will have unforgettable nights.

Music: R’n’B, House
Capacity: 600 People
Dress Code: Yes
Guestlist: Yes
Age Limit: 23+
Bottle Service: Yes

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The price is for a maximum of 5 persons per table

12:00 Midnight – 04:00 AM
Sajamski Kej BB, Belgrade
THURSDAY – R’n’B Thursdays Delight (R’n’B Party)
FRIDAY – House Party
SATURDAY – House Party
SUNDAY – Matinee from 6pm