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One of our favorite Activities in Belgrade is the Shooting Indoor package of different guns we are offering for the indoor shooting, are a good start for those who never fired before, and also can be good practice for experienced shooters.?We mostly offer this Activity in our Packages

The idea of a creator of this program was to start with the smallest caliber such as .22 LR, which has practically no recoil, or strong sound, and to use bigger calibers throughout the packages, so the shooters can slowly get to used to the sound, proper body positions, breathing, and the most of all, they will learn how to amortize the kickback.

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*Price is per person and excluding back and forth transportation. The minimum amount is 2 pers


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One of our favorite Activities in Belgrade is the Shooting Indoor package

Next to the OUTDOOR SHOOTING option, we are offering a big variety of weapons, which you mostly have seen just in movies or video games (pistols, revolvers, assault rifle AK-47 Kalashnikov, pump-action shotgun, rifles with laser-guided sight?).

Also, we need to emphasize, safety is our priority. So in the situation such as this, which involves weapons, all the participants need to obey safety rules:

  • Always treat guns like they are loaded;
  • Keep your index finger off the trigger;
  • Keep the gun towards the target-in the safe direction all the time!
  • Like any other professional team, especially those who are working with guns, it is our job to keep you safe in the range, which means that one of the coaches will be next to you while shooting all the way through the package.

This package can be combined with other Activities we offer

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