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Are you ready to experience the real deal in Belgrade? Today is your chance to experience this with our great partner Trigger Shooting Team.

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*Price is per person and including back and forth transportation. The minimum amount is 6 pers.


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Outdoor shooting targets are placed at the distances of 50m (for hunting and assault rifles) or 100m and more (for sniper rifles).
In the outdoor range, we are mostly using rifles. Depending on the caliber, we are using hunting rifles, carabines, assault rifles and sniper rifles.

Also, we need to emphasize, safety is our priority. So in the situation such as this, which involves weapons, all the participants need to obey safety rules:

  • Always treat guns like they are loaded;
  • Keep your index finger off the trigger;
  • Keep the gun towards the target-in the safe direction all the time!
  • Like any other professional team, especially those who are working with guns, it is our job to keep you safe in the range, which means that one of the coaches will be next to you while shooting all the way through the package.


Also if it comes to any problem (because guns are machines, not perfect things, they can jam sometimes, for example, the bullet doesn’t fire), it’s up to us to solve it!

Open, wide space, surrounded with pure nature, which can be pretty severed during wintertime, or during very hot summer days, will give you the chance to see if you can endure through any climate condition, and be focused just on your goal – to hit the target.
You will not have the opportunity to find this type of entertainment combined with the knowledge, in one place, unless you decide to shoot with us.
TRIGGER SHOOTING TEAM is a team of professional and certified coaches, true lovers of guns, who are willing to help you to overcome all your fears and prejudices about weapons.
Before any action taken in the outdoor range, all the participants and bystanders will be strongly advised to forget about everything they see in the movies because none of it will happen.

Not recommended for pregnant women.
The minimal required age of participants is 16. Children under 18 must be accompanied by one of the parents.
It cannot take place if you’re under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
We reserve the right to refuse the entry to the range to anyone at our own discretion (real lethal weapons ARE being used!).

The following guns are included in the packages;