Wine Tasting Belgrade


Belgrade Wine Tasting

Want to experience how to make the local beauties of wine? Book this fantastic tour with us and enjoy it with your friends!

We will bring you to the finest winery/wine shops in Belgrade. A unique experience with the best wines Serbia has to offer.

Tasting of 6 different wines
Food in the form of cold plate

As the wine houses around are too little to produce massive amounts you will taste some secrets. During the tasting, you will have some small bites as well which enlarges the experience.

After you experienced these wines, you will definitely appreciate the Serbian wines much more!

This is truly one of the favorite Activities in Belgrade fort the wine lovers. In this Wine Tasting Tour you will experience the best wines 10 meters under the ground and only 15 minutes from downtown Belgrade!

We recommend trying this tour to all our guests as the wines are simply fascinating!

Price is per person


Want to experience how to make the local spirit Rakija? Book this Wine Tasting Tour

One of our favorite Activities in Belgrade is Wine Tasting.

Matching wine and food has become a very popular trend in the last decade and continues to evolve. Rooted practices that white wines are matching exclusively with white meat and fish, and red wines with red meat and exclusively with strong food, have been discarded for a long time.

Many of the old “rules” are lost by the spread of world cuisine and the “fusion” of the cooking. Also, the styles of wine have evolved quite a lot so certain dishes can be equally well combined with light red wines and full barriqued Chardonnay, e.g. Of course, we can enjoy a delicious bottle of wine that may have nothing in common with the food we eat. But one of the greatest pleasures is to enjoy a meal where the wine is in perfect harmony with the food.

Wine tours are held in ancient corridors, 10 meters below street level, where the temperature is constant – 12 degrees Celsius.

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