Recommend us

This is your chance to earn some money! You recommend us, Party in Belgrade to your friends! And you choose if you share or you keep.

Option 1: Give me 5% of the trip value

Option 2: Give my friends 5% discount

You just have to recommend us and we make sure you or your friends will benefit!

How do you calculate this? We share the program with you that is booked, and you see the pricing. In example; 10 of your friends/colleagues booked a LUXURY package and/or ACTIVITIES

Calculation: 10*€700  = €7000 *5% = €350,-  So you just earned €350,-

Will you bring another group to us within 6 months you will receive 10% of the total value.



88302129_10157017285260963_5515774164629192704_o  Boat Tour Belgrade with your friends  89031607_2986907661331482_8414926588927279104_o

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