All-inclusive weekend in Belgrade, Europe


€450 per person


party package belgrade

You and your friends are ready for a good weekend?

Belgrade is known for a lot of things, but especially the parties are epic! The best clubs, music, food, and drinks in one package for you and your friends.

Included in this trip:


NOT Included in this trip:

  • Bottles during VIP CLUB SERVICE
  • Drinks in Restaurant
  • 24/7 host (optional)


The package can be adjusted to your wishes, contact us for more info!

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After your arrival in Belgrade, you and your friends will be picked up at the airport by our host. The package includes Airport Transfers. The hotel of your stay is a 4* hotel in the middle of Belgrade and includes a nice Belgradian Breakfast.

Taking a short break for freshening up, it will be the ideal time to step into one of the longest and oldest streets in Belgrade – Knez Mihajlova street. From here you will pass by some of the most beautiful facades in town. We will guide you towards the first restaurant in the middle of the old Belgrade fortress Kalamegdan.

Our second stop will be the famous street Skadarlija, which is the oldest street of Belgrade and the bohemian heart of the city. Something you really have to see!

Restaurant Reservations are included in the offers.

After dinner, we’ll start moving to one of the Belgrade bar streets to have a few beers, wine or stronger drinks. This is a typical warmup for the rest of the evening. After your warmup, you will head towards one of the famous Clubs of Belgrade.

Around midnight, ready for the party we will move towards one of the clubs we have chosen together with you. There are several clubs we recommend, from R&B to House and Techno. Also, traditional folk music is very popular with the locals, so if you are interested, we can manage it.

Take a look at our VIP CLUB SERVICE on our Activities page.

We will arrive at the club around 00:30, where you will be welcomed by the beautiful hosts. They will show you the VIP TABLE we have reserved for you and your friends.

Closing time is around 05:00 for nightclubs. Our host & driver will guide you back to your hotel or apartment. Like this, you won’t be fooled by a driver with wrong intentions.

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After a night of clubbing, you can sleep and relax until noon. After that, we will transfer you to the Shooting Range to have some heavy shooting with your group.

You will enjoy the adrenaline of the AK47 in combination with the heavy handguns our supplier offers.

Trust us, it is a great way to sober up after a heavy night!

After you have finished the walking tour and enjoyed your breakfast or first drinks, we will guide you to the boat ride that we booked for you. You will be able to see Belgrade from its rivers while enjoying our Belgrade Boat Tour unlimited drinks will be included for you and your friends.

Two hours later we will arrive back onshore and go back to the hotel.

After you as a group refresh yourself, we will visit downtown Belgrade and go to the next restaurant. Depending on your choice of diet, you will choose the restaurant and enjoy the rest of the evening. After dinner, we will go together to the bar street where we prepare you for the second night of clubbing in your program. Be ready for another night of VIP CLUB SERVICE at one of the best clubs Belgrade has to offer.


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We will make sure your transport waits for you in front of your accommodation to drive you to the Airport Nikola Tesla with our Airport Transfer

If you have chosen to enjoy Belgrade for an extra day we will have another day of activities planned for you. We could do some serious Outdoor Karting or arrange the best Helicopter Ride of your life. And if you didn’t have enough of Clubbing,  we can arrange a table at the best Sunday Afternoon Matinee in Belgrade.


In case you stay 4 days instead of 3 days we will make sure your transport waits for you in front of your accommodation to drive you to the Airport Nikola Tesla with our Airport Transfer.

Additional charges will occur in case of 4 days stay.

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Day 1:

Arrival at Airport, our host waits for you at the arrival hall with a personalized sign

Transfer to 4*hotel

Show around the city

Dinner reservation at a traditional Serbian restaurant

VIP Clubbing (Table and bottles ready)

Return to Hotel

Day 2:



Transfer to the Shooting range

Shooting Range (6 different calibers)

Transfer to Boar tour

Boar tour (2 hours incl drinks)

Transfer to Hotel

Refresh at hotel

Transfer to Restaurant staying till max 00:00

Transfer to Club

VIP Clubbing (Table and bottles ready)

Transfer back to Hotel

Day 3:

Hangover 2


Transfer to Airport and continue day full of activities or just relaxing.

Day 4:


Transfer to Airport

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3/4 days
Groups from 4 to 40 Age
  • Dress Code
    Chique Casual
Day 1: Arrival & evening program (Example of Program)
Our host is waiting for you on Nikola Tesla Airport, we make sure you get to your selected accommodation with our transfer. After refreshing we pick you up with our host and guide you to the restaurant selected by us in agreement of the organizer. For the evening we recommend a visit in a bohemian quarter called Skadarlija as a warm-up. ​After midnight we go to some of the most famous Belgrade clubs where the real clubbing is taking place. Together with you, we make sure that everyone is getting enough drinks and VIP service. This includes tables, bottles of strong alcohol and /or beers. Our host will be available and at your service, and will stay until the last guest is getting home safe!
Day 2: Activities and tour (Example of Program)
Making sure everyone is waking up on time, our host will come by your apartment and show you around the best places to get breakfast. After breakfast, there will be a tour in the city center where the famous eye-catchers such as Kalamegdan Fortress will be shown. Depending on your choice of activity we will guide you after to the next activity. Optional activities for that day can be found here The restaurant of this evening will be chosen together with you (the organizer) After an evening rest and dressing up for the night we make sure that you will get into the mood to party again by taking you to the hotspots of the city.
Day 3: Back home (Example of Program)
After breakfast, we will make sure you get safe at the airport so you won't miss your flight. End of the tour.   This tour can also be done in 4 or 5 days, we will include per day more activities.
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